LMS Hosting

The advantages of a learning management system (LMS) for your organization can’t be overstated…

Consider that virtually all of the most successful large companies around the globe use a LMS to deliver key training to all levels of staff and management on an ongoing basis.  A learning management system makes deploying courses and tracking learner progress both simple and cost-effective.  Plus, it delivers a consistent learning experience for each learner, something that classroom delivery cannot promise.  

However, if classroom training is essential, blending that experience with an LMS allows for much greater availability of learning material, plus additional learning opportunities for remote workers that might not have the ability to travel to your training centre all the time.  Frankly, the training and development industry has spoken, and the future is definitely LMS.

Our industry standard learning management system makes it easy for you to host your courses and create an e-learning experience your learners can access anytime, anywhere. Whether you are an administrator, teacher, trainer or student, our LMS can meet your needs and provide fantastic ROI.

See the list of features, and then Contact Us to get started!

General Features

  • Modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Collaborative tools and activities
  • All-in-one calendar
  • Convenient file management
  • Simple and intuitive text editor
  • Notifications
  • Progress tracking

Administrative Features

  • Customizable site design and layout
  • Secure authentication and mass enrollment
  • Multi-language capability
  • Bulk course creation and easy backup
  • Management of user roles and permissions
  • Open standards support
  • High interoperability
  • Simple plug in management
  • Regular security updates
  • Detailed reporting and logs

Course Development and Management Features

  • Direct learning paths
  • Encouraged collaboration
  • Embedded external resources
  • Multimedia integration
  • Group management
  • Marking workflow
  • In-line marking
  • Peer and self-assessment
  • Integrated badges
  • Outcomes and rubrics
  • Security and privacy